Sunday, April 15, 2012

Endurance & Subtle thinking...

Endurance. Endurance. Endurance. I was having a talk with Mahesh and learnt a lot of things that day. Since from then I have been doing a lot of thinking. I have been thinking about this for some 6 or 7 days in a row now. I am constantly improving my thoughts on it. So what were we talking about? Endurance and Subtlety!

Short Version : Endurance and Subtlety are the tools that make a warrior. Without them you are just a common man.

Long Version : Let me tell a few words about "subtle thinking" first. Because in my opinion, a subtle thinking is highly coherent with Endurance. It is critical to understand some of the tiniest details to endure. Let me give you an example if you don't understand my point.

Consider a person "A" who is mentally challenged. He has no idea what he is doing, because his mind is messed-up. His appearance shows that he is not normal. He throws throws stones at everyone on road. "B" is a normal person who happens to be walking down the road.  As expected, "A" throws a stone at "B". Now, the story has two ends. (1) - "B" can UNDERSTAND that "A" is not normal person. Depending on "B"'s Character he can either step aside and go away or talk to his relatives to keep him safe. "B" endures because he understands that "A" is mentally helpless. (2) - "B" is blind enough to ignore the mental condition of "A" and he prepares himself for a fight or argument. This is where "B" is said to lost endurance due to lack of understanding. In this case, I feel pity only for "B" for being mentally helpless than "A".

Understand my point now? But it is just an obvious example! Subtle thinking involves in paying attention to tiniest details of life. It is the awesome ability to understand the most mysterious aspects of anything. If only you could pay attention to details at that level, you can endure. And endurance makes you a warrior.

The reason I am posting this today is fairly trivial. I live my life with some of the people who are unable to understand. Driven by some blind motive which is just pointless. And the motives that they have did not come out of understanding of anything. They are just motives that are embedded by some other ignorant moron. They were asked to believe without reasons. These are people who lack subtle thinking.

There was this one thing that was screwing up my head. The cast problem. It is one of the most misunderstood systems in India. So immature, so blind and so ignorant. It broke me into pieces sometimes, but it is not gonna happen ever again. Maybe I ll be writing about the cast system sometime next week. But now, I understand that these people are raised by telling lies. They believe in those lies so much blindly that they think, they will die without it. And I really really feel pity for those souls. Well the thing that confuses me is, is it appropriate to classify these people as blind or ignorant? blind is OK. But ignorant is much worse. I ll keep thinking on it.

But the point is you gotta endure to realize the truth. And you should have a subtle thinking to endure. "Truth about what?", you ask me. well the truth pretty much about everything. So what is the truth that I realized? Ok, before answering that question let me tell something, "I don't expect you to understand it, unless you have a subtle thinking". To the answer: "The truth is : Nothing is true!". If that makes sense to you, welcome to the clan. If it doesn't, you should wake-up. And it is the waking-up that requires the endurance and subtle thinking.

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