Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My online status

Wow, my 5 years of hard work in the CyberSpace has paid me off very well! Feel like I am an one man army! As a single entity, I managed to gather a potential crowd around me using social media. Not bad, I never spent a dime on this, but many people do follow me.

Twitter Status

Twitter Accounts Followers Tweets Made Listed
@DhilipSiva_Tech 711 141,000 13
@DhilipSiva 370 17,584 5
@DhilipSiva_Game 363 92,670 4
@DhilipSiva_Film 332 55,847 4
@DhilipSiva_And 301 50,118 13
@DhilipSiva_Aple 273 86,536 5
@DhilipSiva_linx 111 17,280 3
TOTAL 2461 3,34,135 47


so, total twitter followers are 2461 across my 7 accounts with a total of 3,34,135 listed in 47 lists.

I sincerely thank all my twitter followers for this. Thank you to all your support!

now lets take a look at search engines

Google Results : 78,700

Yahoo Search : 41,300

Bing Search : 5,100

And the image results of Google was really good. it gave lots photos across all my online profiles.

for comments and suggestions, contact :

mobile : (+91) 81 97 98 53 97

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My last week as student!

hi everybody!
this is my last week as student.
now, I am sitting at my system at college lab.
CC1 lab, system number : 17 - the computer that i used for 4 years.
i used to sit in between Devi Priya n Elangovan.
1st year C lab,
2nd Year OOPS lab,
3rd Year Java lab and
final year projects,
all with my sweet friends.
but, today, I am alone. couldn't stop crying.
today, i sit with my ghost of the past !
if i had powers to reverse the time,
I would like to be with all my snsct-07cse'ians one more time! :'( :'( :'(
"TIME" is merciless evil !
"TIME" is merciless evil !!
Miss all you guys.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its time to change, India !

Our mother, India, is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. My question is, why in the world is India still developing? Why is our mother not a superpower? Why is our mother lagging behind tech? Why are we like this?

If you ask any average Indian citizen about these questions what would you think his reply would be? Well I myself ask this question to many people. And I am amazed with the replies that I get. Here are few: "Politicians are not good", "Youths are spoiled", "Media is making us dumb" and finally, "All the big brains are moving foreign to make money".

I believe 99% of all persons will just blame some other person. Seriously, do you really think that politicians are impacting the growth that belongs to you and me? no, not at all! Or not much, at most. What did these people do when Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was president ? Nothing! What did these people so when Dr Rajendra Prasad was our president? nothing! What do we do now? Nothing! Yet, we always blame some other persons.

And, I agree. some traitors are leaving their mother India for their selfish needs. But what about the remaining of us? [Strike-out because I wrote this when I was too young. Now, I take it back! Not everybody is a traitor]. We blame some one else. But, do you ever know where our faults are beginning? Yes, you are right, "we blame others".

Its time to change people. We are responsible for our own growth. If there is somebody to blame, it is upon ourselves. I would blame myself if I had not posted this. I would blame myself if India is not developed. Its time that we took our responsibilities. Blame yourself. Start moving towards your goal. Be focused. No matter how slow you are moving, just don't stop ans keep moving towards your goal. Take your responsibility. If every individual is correct , there is nothing to stop our mother India.

It is time that you paid your duty as a son to our mother, India, back!
Jai Hind!