Saturday, February 4, 2012

Karna was not defeated, but betrayed!

Do you think that Karna died because of the arrow that was launched by Arjuna? What happened to karna was a betrayal. That should not have happened to such a generous, skillful and courageous warrior. Karna was actually betrayed. Not once, not twice, but 4 times. How?, This is how:
  1. In the first place, his mom betrayed him. Kunthi, his mother, was stupid enough to “experiment” a boon that was granted to her. The sun-god magically appears, as kunthi wished, and blesses her with Arjuna (with kavasa & kundala, of course). Kuthi then decides to leave him float along the sacred river Ganga.
  2. This one also goes to Kunthi. She requests karna for 2 boons.
    • Hand over his kavasa & kundala
    • And to use the bramahastira only once. That’s not fair, by any means.
  3. The third was by lord Krishna. The big guy lowers height of the surface of earth by stamping on it, and thereby saving Arjuna who is eventually gonna be a tool to kill karna. Well, that’s not warfare. I mean, shifting the position of the earth is by no means, warfare.
  4. This is again by lord Krishna. Even after shot by arjuna’s arrow, karna does not die. His deeds have been saving him. But lord Krishna disguises as a begger and begs for his karma that was accumulated for his good deeds. And Karna even does that.
  5. In addition to these things, karna also gets lots of curses for his guru, a Brahmin, the boomadevi, and a hadful of few others. So, what I see is not an arrow that killed him. But curses of those people and 4 highly damaging betrayal by both his mom and a god. It took this much of betrayals to bring down a warrior. So do you still think that karna was defeated? Think again…


  1. In the second point you are saying "and thereby saving Krishna who is eventually gonna be a tool to kill karna. " but it should be "saving karna"...

  2. Another interested thing I would like to share is, in the fourth point you said Karna gave all his deeds to Krishna.. Here is the catch... Giving deeds itself is a deed. So what Krishna Asked Karna is all the three of his deeds (past, present, future). Intelligent Krishna :-)